2021 Prizm Football Review

It is nearly that time of year again. The period when collectors sit down with their spouses and have serious conversations about trading their firstborn for a FOTL box. Yes! Football Prizm is back! So we bring you, the full2021 Prizm Football Review.

What Is 2021 Prizm Football

Since its 2012 debut, Prizm has changed collecting.

Indeed, that was the plan. In addition, Panini said Prizm would introduce long-overdue technology to card collecting.

It included Panini’s spin on the “refractor,” known as the prizm. Further developments included silver prizms and the rainbow of prizms. These cards can be found throughout Panini’s chromium lineup – in Optic, Select, Mosaic, Spectra, and more.

The iconic Prizm in RPA form (look for Mahomes RPA’s on eBay)

As the grandfather of the most popular Panini cards, the silver prizm has become the go-to rookie to chase every year. The numbered, colored rookies can sell for some ridiculous prices.

Still, Prizm is not strictly an elite product. Sure, hobby boxes can sell for thousands of dollars. However, the product has a blaster release and can be found on shelves for anywhere from $20 – $50. So, if you’re willing to camp out and wait, you can get some cheap Prizm.

2021 Prizm Football Review Of Formats

2021 Prizm Football will be released in a wide variety of formats. These will (most likely) include:

Hobby Box

  • 12 cards per pack
  • 12 packs per box
  • 2 Autographs
  • 10 #’d Prizms
  • 4 Silver Prizms
  • 5 Inserts
  • 24 Rookies


  • 4 cards per pack
  • 6 packs per box
  • 1 rookie memorabilia


  • 1 pack per box
  • 20 cards per pack
  • 4 hangar-exclusive prizms

Mega Box

  • 4 cards per pack
  • 10 packs per box
  • 1 autograph per box
We expect mega boxes to drop in 2022 (look for NFL Prizm mega boxes on eBay)

No Huddle

  • 4 cards per pack
  • 18 packs per box
  • 10 exclusive No Huddle prizms


  • Same makeup as the hobby, but with 2 SP FOTL prizms.

2021 Prizm Football Review Of The Checklist

The early years of Prizm football included base, silver, green, and aqua prizm. That was it.

My, times have changed. Prizm seems to add a new color every year. The new colors, prints, and parallels give collectors something extra to chase.

Here’s the list of hobby parallels to expect in 2021:

  • Silver Prizms
  • Snakeskin Prizms (1 per case)
  • Orange Prizms – #/249
  • Purple Ice Prizms – #/225
  • Blue Wave Prizms – #/199
  • Hyper Prizms – #/175
  • Red Wave Prizms – #/149
  • Purple Prizms – #/125
  • Blue Ice Prizms – #/99
  • Green Scope Prizms – #/75
  • Orange Wave Prizms – #/60
  • Purple Power Prizms – #/49
  • Navy Camo Prizms – #/25
  • Forest Camo Prizms – #/15
  • Gold Prizms – #/10
  • Gold Vinyl Prizms – #/5
  • Black Finite Prizms – 1/1
The Snakeskin Prizms are one per case (look for more on eBay)

From this, it seems every colored prizm will be numbered in the hobby product. However, it’s safe to assume the blaster, hanger, and mega boxes will have exclusive green, cracked ice, and other non-numbered prizms.

Apart from the colors, Prizm still has a great set to chase. Here are a few cards to look for:


This is an anime-inspired set with eye-catching artwork. Panini is calling the insert “Ultra-rare.” Whether that means one per case, one per box, or something else remains to be seen.


Not much is known about these two sets. However, they are making their Prizm Debut. So we guess New Recruits could potentially be another rookie subset – or perhaps players in a new home.


A Prizm classic features rookies ready to make their mark immediately.


These inserts are only found in Hobby Boxes. The new SP has an eye-catching design, as its name suggests.


The Stained Glass SP’s are back! This year, Stained Glass has a new design to make them brighter and more vibrant.


These Ultra-rare case hits can sell for new-car prices if you get lucky. As a result, they have become one of the biggest Prizm pulls.

The right Colorblast can get you a great profit (look for more on eBay)

2021 Prizm Football Review Of Value

Prizm 2021 will be the leading investment opportunity of the 2021 football season, but it all comes down to price.


Panini still hasn’t released pricing information yet, but we’re going to estimate the price will be about $1,400 based on the $1,250 presale price.

If that’s the case, consider this:


Comp Price

2016 Prizm Hobby Box $1,800
2017 Prizm Hobby Box $6,600
2018 Prizm Hobby Box $2,200
2019 Prizm Hobby Box $900
2020 Prizm Hobby Box $1,800

This cart suggests that the age of the box is not nearly as the rookie class. Therefore, the classes with Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson sell for over $2,000. Meanwhile, the rest sell for less.

The 2018 Prizm Hobby Box holds strong value (see what they cost on eBay)

In other words, the long-term value of the 2021 Prizm hobby box comes down to how much you believe in the 2021 rookie class. If you see Mac Jones as the next Brady, a $1,400 box is pretty good! But, on the other hand, if he’s just an average quarterback playing a part in a great system, stay away.

Based on these prices, about half of the boxes are worth a $1,500 up-front investment. So the odds are better than most expensive boxes.


If you go the singles route, consider buying raw and grading. It’s a strategy I’ve written about before and, mathematically, makes a lot more sense than buying PSA 10s.

My #1 argument here is that all modern cards should come out of the box as PSA 9. At least, assuming the centering isn’t terrible (and that’s a big assumption with Panini, honestly).  Since these are 2021 cards and haven’t exactly had to withstand the test of time, most of the singles from eBay will probably grade pretty well. However, be sure to ask for pictures if you do this.

Considering just how many base rookies fill this print run, the difference between raw and graded is steep.  Therefore, you should heavily consider grading yourself.

It pays to grade Prizm Football bangers yourself (look for Justin Herbert autos on eBay)

The best way to make money on something like this would most likely be:

  • Pick up a half-dozen raw rookie cards of Lawrence, Wilson, Fields, or whoever you fancy.
  • Submit the best-looking cards for grading (once PSA gets back with reasonably-priced grading).
  • Hold on to your tens.

Bottomline Of The 2021 Prizm Football Review

With another ambitious entry, Panini Prizm 2021 Football will keep the ball rolling for the flagship product. It’s a mid-priced product with a high-end appeal, so no matter how you think about investing in Prizm, there’s a lot of upside.

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes is a novelist and content writer (contentninjamarketing.com) who has played sports and collecting trading cards almost his entire life. He just graduated from the University of Tulsa with an MBA and should probably get a “real job,” but instead hopes to continue telling stories in his pajamas for a long time.