A Way Too Early Look At 2022 Topps Chrome Update

2022 Topps Chrome Update isn’t available quite yet and details are still sparse. But the product is starting to get some buzz, so we thought we would loop in collectors to know what we know so far about this highly-anticipated product.

Let’s take a look at what we might be able to expect and what we don’t know yet about 2022 Topps Chrome Update.

2022 Topps Chrome Update release date and format

The 2022 Topps Chrome Update release is scheduled for December 14, 2022 (subject to change).

Previous Topps Chrome Update releases in 2021 and 2020 have been retail-only offerings in blaster or mega box format. Sometimes both. It is likely that 2022 follows the same path.

2022 Topps Chrome Update: A few thoughts on what we are likely to see

We don’t know much about exactly what 2022 Topps Chrome Update will hold, but we can make a few educated guesses.

We’re expecting:

  • A 100-card base set (like 2020 and 2021), which is smaller than the standard Topps Update
  • A rainbow of Refractor Parallels
  • Autographs will be included, but not guaranteed in any box.
  • A continuation of some of the insert sets found in the 2022 Topps Chrome product.

And a few things we’re not sure about yet:

  • Exactly what retail formats we’ll see, including cards per pack and packs per box
  • Will 2022 Topps avoid the controversy that has surrounded 2022 Topps Chrome to date?

2022 Topps Chrome Update: Rookies?

One of the big questions, and a big component of the value that 2022 Topps Chrome will offer, is what rookies will be included?

With 2022 Topps Chrome, that’s been a sticky topic. Shortly after the initial release of 2022 Topps Chrome, it became clear that a number of the big hits, including many top rookies, were not included in packs.

The ensuing backlash from collectors created quite the controversy, and led to Topps sending Silver Packs to collectors to try to make things right.

We’ve already explored what rookies are in the set, in A Breakdown Of The Best 2022 Topps Chrome Rookies Actually In The Set.

So, will the rookies originally left out of the Topps Chrome product, and later included in the Silver Packs, be included in 2022 Topps Update? These players include Bobby Witt Jr., Julio Rodriguez, Spencer Torkelson, Hunter Greene, and CJ Adams.

If 2022 Topps Chrome includes these popular rookies, it will raise the floor for the product significantly and could make it a popular choice for collectors.

More on 2022 Topps Chrome Update to Come

Stay tuned for more info on 2022 Topps Chrome Update as details come to light.

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