Best eBay Auction Title Practices to Maximize Profits

In sports card collecting, every hobbyist seems to have a different approach to collecting. Correspondingly, there is a similar disagreement on Best eBay Listing Practices.

However, while variety in collecting is a  beautiful thing, that does not translate to eBay listing practices. After all, you do not list cards on eBay for fun. Instead, you do it to maximize profits on that particular card.

Therefore, today we want to answer a crucial question once and for all: what is the BEST way to title your eBay listing to maximize what you get out of your card?

eBay Basics: Sports Trading Cards and Memorabilia

While eBay has always been an outlet for selling sports cards, lately, it has become increasingly focused on the hobbyist. An example of this is their recently released eBay standard envelope for shipping cards under $20.

Correspondingly, there have never been more cards listen on eBay. However, you need your collection to stand out. Therefore, with lots of competition, how do you manage that?

Rookie CardYear“Rookie”“RC”Visual Disc.CAPSScarcityZion Prizm PSA 10xxx
Zion Optic PSA 10xxxx

Kobe Topps PSA 8x
Dirk Topps PSA 8xxxx
xAnthony Davis Prizm PSA 9xx

Brady Bowman Chrome PSA 8xxx
xxDwyane Wade Chrome PSA 8xxx

Judge Topps Chrome Ref 10xxxx

Mbappe Base Prizm PSA 9xxx
LeBron James Topps PSA 8



As you can see, three of the six qualifications were present in almost every listing. Indeed, the year and the phrases “rookie” and “RC” are present in all of these listings.

If you’re listing your cards, you have to include these three elements in your title (assuming they are rookie cards) to give them the best chance of maximizing their selling price. Meanwhile, the other three qualifications were not nearly as prevalent.

Using ALL-CAPS was the most common occurrence—coming in exactly one-half of the highest-selling listings. Therefore, you should consider using all caps for your cards, too. This gives them an eye-catching visual appeal.

Finally, the “scarcity” and “visual description” are both standard listing practices on eBay – you’ll see them both quite a bit as you browse. However, the data doesn’t support that either of them has many effects on the final sell price of the card. If nothing else, they’re listing gimmicks, and shorter might be better.

Be As Clear As Possible With Your eBay Listing

It all boils down to clarity. However, it seems that using all caps is pretty important too!

From the research, we’ve concluded that the best listings are short, to the point, and eye-catching. For example, here are a couple of examples of the perfect listing:


There’s really nothing fancy about it, but they still look professional and clean. However, as the numbers show, that’s all it takes! Therefore, go grab your cards, hop on eBay, and start getting the MOST out of each listing.

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes is a novelist and content writer ( who has played sports and collecting trading cards almost his entire life. He just graduated from the University of Tulsa with an MBA and should probably get a “real job,” but instead hopes to continue telling stories in his pajamas for a long time.